PHI 10 Critical Thinking


  • Doheny Weekend College – 6 weekends


Students taking this course will learn reasoning techniques so they develop their skills at argumentation, spotting fallacious reasoning, examining uses of language, evaluating reasoning, examining assumptions, weighing evidence, determining credibility of witnesses, problem solving, decision-making, and applying critical thinking skills to moral reasoning, advertising, the media, and legal reasoning. This course carries credit equivalent to PHI 5. GS-II, VB3


Required Textbook and Resources (In Doheny Bookstore and online)

  1. Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide 4th Edition, by Tracy Bowell and Gary Kemp. Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2015. ISBN: 978-0-415-82092-9,
  2. Much of this course involves critical thinking about the internet and advertising, so each day your attention will be drawn to relevant online content like news articles, ads, videos, blogs, & social networks. This content will help bring the theories and concepts for that day to life, and give us something to talk about.  Links, and page and time lengths, are provided for each resource to help plan your study time.