This is me, Andrea Reynolds, in the summer of 1982 in Los Angeles, sitting proudly with my first violin between my parents in the apartment of my maternal grandmother Hannah, who is taking the photo. I had just started playing and have played ever since, with lesser and greater seriousness. Lately it is more serious. I do play regularly with a few L.A. outfits, and am open for freelance, especially session work. For booking information, please email me at


Hot Pants de France 


This all string jazz band performs fast-paced, swing jazz covers of contemporary pop tunes, much in the style of Postmodern Jukebox, only faster, and more stringy like Reinhardt and Grappelli. 2023 tour dates include SXSW in Austin, Texas, as well as Canada and Europe. I joined in 2022. 

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Damion Mikol Wagner And the Dusk 

DMW banner

California folk rock, a mix of dark American folk, cowboy country, and rock, this band defies categorization and was once described as “Ameripunkana”. I joined in 2019, but friends to the end, Damion and I met in high school, so we go way back. However we sound, we always have fun, but we do rock. 


  • Orange County Fair 2022
  • The Offbeat
  • The Oracle
  • The Redwood
  • The King Eddy
  • Kulak’s Woodshed
  • Casey’s Bar
  • Private events

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CalState LA Orchestra

Cal State LA Music logo

Conducted by violinist and Professor Patti Kilroy, we are preparing a mix of string works in Fall 2022. Performances October 3rd and December 5th, 2022. Any intermediate string player is invited to join, especially violists, cellists, and bassists. I am playing with the Violists which is a pretty cool new experience. 


The Anti-Latency Commission


As a way of bridging the distance between musicians during the COVID pandemic, starting in 2019 violist and composer Trevor New sought ways to improve musical communication through online platforms. To this end he formed the ALC and invited musicians from around the world to participate in testing sessions to find the online platforms which provided the shortest delay time between playing an instrument and hearing it on the other end. These experiments have often been used in New’s compositions involving musicians globally in both live and recorded musical projects. I joined in 2019 and act as co-administrator. 

My performances with the ALC include:



The Children’s Literature Podcast 

Childrens Lit Podcast

Tiffney Townsend once invited me to be in her Irish folk band, Shenanigans. Yeah, I know, it reminds me too of the now dead restaurant Bennigan’s. In any case, she is great at piano, singing, and arranging, so we had a lot of fun, that is, until a guitar player joined. He couldn’t play in three or six, so unfortunately I had to quit the band. I guess I should have said something. Well, I guess she knowns now. Anyway, I was also really busy with work and The Funnels band (see The Funnels below). Tiffney also used to come over to my Friday night Ladies Rock Night in my studio and we would have a couple of drinks and play whatever. Most nights it was just Tiffney on bass, me on drums, and my cousin Phaedra singing, and sometimes during the day Phaedra’s awesome kid would come and tear the house down on vocals and guitar. Anyway, Tiffney married an English bloke, had two kids with him, and pushed off to England.

Having children she expected would someday be reading, Tiffney started a podcast about children’s literature. She asked to interview me about one of the books and also record a couple of tunes which are mentioned in it. I agreed and then asked L.A. band Sons of Hermon (see below) to record it with me, and they agreed! I also know a ton of other musicians, so I invited everyone I know to join in the project if they are interested. The first project meeting is Sunday, September 4th from 11am-noon via Zoom. Anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested and who plays an acoustic instrument invented prior to 1900 may join in. Email me if you are interested in joining the meeting. 


Sons of Hermon


An offshoot of The Country Crows (see below), we are set to record a couple of old time tunes for the Children’s Literature Podcast, as well as several originals. Otherwise you can see us playing here and there around L.A. We started up in 2020, in Hermon Park in East L.A. since the pandemic was getting to us and we missed playing music with other people, and it was a nice place to play outside. 

Sons of Hermon logo




The Country Crows (2019)


A Los Angeles country supergroup of musicians from Black Sabbitch, The Mormons, Killsonic, The California Cavalry, Selah Gospel Choir, Sean Fleming, Marissa Gomez, and the Grateful Dead. We performed once at the Thirsty Crow in L.A. early in 2019 and then the pandemic hit. A few of us still play together as Sons of Hermon (see above). 

CCs mascot


The Funnels (2005-2018)


Once described as “always different and always interesting”, this experimental improvisation project almost never played the same thing twice. Our style included metal (“Experimetal” or “Doomprovisation”), acid-country, “weird”, and children. There are more recordings to be edited and added but you can listen here to what we have posted so far:





  • Sons of Herman (2020-present)
    • Violin solo, accompaniment, vocals
    • Venues: The Offbeat
  • Country Crows (2019-2021)
    • Violin soloing and accompaniment, vocals
    • Venues: The Thirsty Crow, The Offbeat
  • Two Ton Son (2019-2021)
    • Violin
    • Venues: Fantastic Musical Instruments, The Offbeat


  • Trevor New and the Anti-Latency Commission (2021-present)
    • Violin and vocals
    • Facebook
  • The Funnels (2008-2018)



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