VO4 Introduction to Logic



3 Units C-ID: PHIL 110 Hours: 3 lecture weekly This course presents an introduction to the nature and problems of traditional logical methods. Students will ask questions, weigh evidence, and draw valid conclusions from various kinds of sources. Focus will be sentential/ deductive logic (syllogisms, truth tables, etc) techniques. Some time will be spent on informal/inductive logic (generalizations, analogies, and common fallacious reasoning) techniques. Formerly Phil 4. Transfer credit: CSU; UC.


Recommended Textbook

Logic: The Essentials1st Edition

  • Author:  Patrick J. Hurley
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9781305070929
  • Also the 12th edition of Hurley’s “Concise” is fine. There are lots of used copies of each for sale/rent online, and answers to exercises are easily found online.

Online Logic Textbooks and Resources 

Secondary resources & primary logic texts, videos, and exercises for free online at: