Genius | Song Lyrics & Knowledge

Genius is a fun and engaging app and site for tech pop culture of lyrics. Want to know the lyrics of a song or what it means? Find it here to read, read about, or watch a video on it. Can’t find a song? Join and annotate and explain it yourself in exchange for I.Q. points.

Are I.Q points redeemable for anything else? How does Genius benefit from this free labor and scholarship?

I know I benefitted by laughing a lot from watching Big Shaq explain his inspiration for “Man’s Not Hot”.

I play songs and discuss their lyrics in class and assign song interpretation papers, so this will be an exceptional free service for that.

However, questions surrounding this “appification” or ‘apping’ and “gamification” or ‘gaming’ of scholarship is intriguing in itself. What are the implications?

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